Advanced Link Building

Link building is the key to any successful SEO campaign.  Through many years of networking and experience, our link build plans cover all aspects of off-page SEO.  With a vast archive of high PageRank 1-way links, 3500+ directories, 3500+ article submission resources and a trusted and tested link building method you are sure to bounce to the top of the search engines.  Unlike the majority of SEO companies out there, there will never be links placed on your site.

Website Optimization

On-page SEO is the foundation to your link building and your over-all SEO.  Did you know that your title tags are the single most important element on your website regarding SEO?  With our on-page SEO plans, we will optimize your on-page SEO to include:  proper keyword structure within your website, optimization of your title and description areas, enforce proper internal linking and menu structure as well as configure any items in your Google Webmaster Tools account.

Website SEO Audit and Reports

SEO audits and reports are a very important and popular element of SEO.  With out a proper plan of attack, it's very easy to get lost in the vastness of SEO.  BounceSEO offers complete, custom and manual SEO reports and audits for clients who have a desire to implement their own SEO or have an I.T./Webmaster who can.  With SEO reports, we will go through your website page by page, pointing out SEO flaws, the reasoning behind their importance and how to correct them.